How to get Approved

Please write down the following information and have it ready before placing the call to get approved.

  • Call-In Number: 866-405-7600
  • Contractor ID#: 87157
  • Loan Code: DEL 2676 OR (DEL 2675 for loans less than $7500)
  • Loan Amount: (Amount you will finance)
  • Income: "Round up" Give highest possible income to the representative. Include all sources of income (before taxes and deductions).
  • If Loan is not approved: Ask about the Fresh Start "Yes" Loan ALSO Consider adding a family member or friend as a co-signer.

Our loans have rates that range from 8.99% - 14.99% depending on your credit score. You do not need perfect credit to quality! To offer you the lowest possible payment all loans are set with a 120-month term; however, most of our customers pay off their loan in less than four (4) years (by adding to their payment). This is a great way to afford your new roof!

It's time for your NEW ROOF! :)

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