Wholesale Roofers Referral Program!


Earn Extra Cash Telling your friends about Us!!

Instead of paying the internet to tell people about us, we're going to Pay YOU! :)

It's Simple!

  • Find people that need a new roof from your friends, family, neighbors, church, work, Facebook, etc.
  • Ask them if we can set them up with a FREE roof-estimate (and a special discount if they purchase). *Examples below on how to ask*
  • Send us their name and number (and your name and number) through text, email, or the button below.
  • (Or contact us for a special personalized code that you can give out and post online)
  • When they hire us for a new roof, they get $500 off their new roof and you get a $200 Amazon or Visa Gift Card after installation!
  • That's it! Don’t let someone else get to your person first, start asking around now!
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You can also text or email us with the contact information below to have a copy for your records.

Remember, we need: Your name and number, and their name and number.

Text at: 757-424-5981


Email at: WholesaleRoofersLeads@gmail.com

Bookmark or Save this page to come back to it. Or visit the "refer a friend" link at the bottom of our website to return. Stop reading and and go get your first $200! ;)

Local Roofing Company

Be proud of yourself! We are the #1 Roofer in Hampton Roads. You are helping your friends choose a great roofer to protect their home, and getting yourself some extra spending money. Win/Win!

Ways to start the conversation:

Hi _________, How old is your roof? Well, its best to change it before it leaks. Can I set u up with a free estimate.

Hi _________, I have this "side gig" getting people great deals on new roofs. Can I set you up with a free estimate?

Hi _________, I have a coupon for $500 off of a new roof. Who would like one!

Hi (Facebook, Church family, Co-workers), I'm connected to a local roofer that allows me to give my friends discounts on a new roof for a limited time. Who wants a free quote?

Hi friends, I've partnered with the #1 Roofer in Hampton Roads and can offer you a great price. Who wants a free estimate?

*One referral gift per new install. A text, email or completed form must precede purchase to qualify. Company reserves the right to cancel this program without notice. Company reserves the right to refuse payment for any reason. This is our way to give back to our community...Scammers and fraudsters will be prosecuted.

Our Commitment